Doddering Reaganite Peggy Noonan can remember the olden days—yes, that is clear. The rest of it is a bit of a blur, though.

In Peggy's latest piece of hazy, wistful remembrance disguised as political philosophy, she applauds Republican senator Joni Ernst's post-State of the Union speech, in which Ernst spoke of being a simple lady who grew up in a simple America where her mama had to put plastic bread bags over her shoes, sometimes, because those were her only shoes, you see, and... well, it just makes Peggy reminisce.

I liked what Ernst said because it was real. And it reminded me of the old days.

Uh oh.

America had less then. Americans had less.

Bring it on home, you wild stallion.

In Joni Ernst's case there was no embarrassment: all the other kids on the bus were wearing bread bags on their shoes, too.

I liked imagining that. I liked her reminding me of not so long ago, before America got rich.

Then why are you a member of the political party opposed to taxing the rich???????????????

"The answer," Peggy replies, taking a sip of Lysol, "is bread bags."

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