When I tell people how much I like pecans, some people are surprised. "Hey, I think this or that other nut is tastier than a pecan," they'll say. Well, okay, fine. That's your right.

My honest feeling, though, is that pecans are the third-best nut you'll find anywhere. You know how they say good things don't grow on trees? That's where they're wrong— pecans grow on trees. When you open the shell and eat them, they're good.

It's kind of hard to describe just how delicious pecans are. Imagine eating a pecan pie. Now imagine just eating the top layer, where the nuts are. Now imagine washing off all the sugar and stuff and just having the nuts to eat. That's sort of the taste you get when you eat a pecan. It's the flavor of a nut, that tastes mighty good. Don't take my word for it; try a pecan for yourself. "Scrumptious" is one adjective that might come to mind (about their taste).

Perpetually the pundits argue

"Pe-CAN." "No, pe-KAHN." It's hard to

Focus on the fact you ought to

Fry them up, you're using lard to

Make the flavor off the charts, you

Cannot resist, once you start to

Eat them up you will not want to

Ever stop because you got to

Swallow them before the frauds who

Denigrate them try to talk to

You, they're jealous as they watch you

Munching on without regard to

All the partisans because you

Know within your heart of hearts you

Picked the third-best nut and all you

Want to do's say "What's it called, boo?"

"Pecans! There's enough for all you!"


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[Photo: Thomas Quine/ Flickr]