Hi, y'all. Do you detect the scent of warm buttery toast, wafting in on a humid breeze from way down South? What you're smelling is the glorious butter-birth of the Official Paula Deen Museum, a tourist attraction recently proposed for Deen's hometown of Albany, Georgia. Just kidding. You're smelling toast because you're having a stroke.

Earlier this month, the Albany Herald revealed that local restauranteur B.J. Fletcher was working alongside Paula Deen's ex-husband Jimmy (Jimmy Deen) to establish a museum dedicated to the Food Network megastar. According to the Herald, tentative plans for a museum have been in the works for over a year now; they recently picked up speed with the acquisition of Deen's childhood home.

Deen, who now lives in Savannah, has already given her blessing to the project, calling it an "incredible honor." She's even offered to outfit the museum with the original furniture her parents kept in her childhood home.

"I still have mama's living room set and daddy's — they had separate rooms later on because daddy had to sleep with a night light on and mama couldn't."

Hmm. That's a little dark. We'll leave it up to the museum docents to explore Paula's father's tortured late-in-life relationship with darkness.

Until the museum is built, devotees can continue to pray to Deen at her altars, located in the "Husky" boys' departments of chain retail establishments.

[Albany Herald // Image via Getty]

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