Photo: AP

This week Paul Ryan granted an interview to PEOPLE Magazine’s Celebrity Babies vertical on one condition—they not ask him about Donald Trump.

The interview is boring as hell and covers Ryan’s love of smoked meats, his hatred of sugar, and his attendance at his kids’ sports games, not that anyone cares. Still, it’s interesting that the otherwise-fluff story directly references Ryan’s refusal to comment on the election:

And while his job does require some weekend phone calls to take care of business, Ryan says he doesn’t want to talk politics with his kids. (Or with PEOPLE. One condition of the Speaker getting on the phone for the magazine’s special Fathers’ Day gallery was that he not be asked about his party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, whom Ryan has famously declined so far to endorse.)


At a closing joking reference to Trump, Ryan says with a chuckle, “I’m hanging up now!” And then does.

Celebrity babies, indeed.