Back when Paul Rudd and Jon Hamm were teenagers, they competed in a game of Trivial Pursuit to win a girl's heart. The winner, without question, was the girl.

The anecdote comes from Vanity Fair's June profile on Hamm that was posted online Tuesday morning.

Preston Clarke, a friend of Hamm's from high school, recalls a Paul Rudd–Jon Hamm showdown. Hamm had taken Clarke's sister, actress Sarah Clarke, to the prom in high school, but when Sarah met Rudd, who was Preston's roommate at the University of Kansas, there were sparks. Rudd came to St. Louis to visit the Clarkes, of which Preston tells Windolf, "I thought he was coming to visit me, but obviously he was coming to visit my sister. Hamm was there because he was always at my house. And Paul knew that Jon had taken Sarah to prom. He was slightly intimidated. And then we started playing Trivial Pursuit." Rudd recalls that night, telling Windolf of Hamm, "He seemed like he was a good-looking, athletic guy who possessed qualities I did not possess. We were playing Trivial Pursuit in teams. Sarah and I were on one team and Jon and Preston were on the other team. Jon would want to go right to Yellow, which was History, and I was like, 'Oh, great, this guy is smart too.' They would ask a question like 'What is the largest lake in Africa?,' and Jon immediately went, 'Lake Victoria.' I felt so emasculated in the game that, as a result, I started reading atlases."

The piece doesn't mention whether the man of the ages or the man who never ages won over Sarah Clarke (who went on to play Nina Meyers on 24) but considering Jon Hamm's very real '90s struggle, Rudd may have had a chance.

[image via AP]