Exciting things are happening 90 years ago; TVLine reports that Paul Giamatti is set to come careening into Downton Abbey next season.

Giamatti will play (SPOILER ALERT)(IN THE SENSE THAT ANYTHING THAT HAS NOT YET COME TO PASS IS SOME GREAT "SURPRISE" WAITING TO BE SPOILED) Harold Levinson, “the maverick, playboy brother” of Lord Grantham’s American-born wife, Cora. A balding Chuck Bass, if you will.

When pressed for details about Giamatti's role, Downton executive producer Gareth Naeme told the TVLine Harold will “upset the Granthams' apple cart” in the Season 4 finale, which should be fun to watch. Apples skittering all over the polished wood floor. Rolling underneath china cabinets. Bouncing down the staircase to the servants' quarters *thump* *thump* *thump*. Lord and Lady Grantham scrambling to gather the apples, but every time they pick one up, they drop two more. Paul Giamatti pretending to clean up the apples but really just rubbing them deeper into the plush carpets. Edith sobbing that her family has embarrassed her yet again in front of a suitor by making their home seem like some sort of lawless playground for apples. Mary not even pretending to help because she's a bitch.

Downton Apples Season 4 premieres in the U.S. next January.

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