This is British Prime Minister David Cameron's very serious talking-to-the-U.S.-President-about-Ukraine-face, which he shared with the world in a Twitter pic Wednesday. Somehow, the photo failed to convey the gravitas Cameron was aiming for.

Maybe it was the look of sadness and slight constipation on the Prime Minister's face, or maybe the escalating global tensions over Russia's military presence in Crimea—we may never know—but something tipped off celebrities that Cameron was crying out for their help.

So Rob Delaney joined the call with the special phone he uses only for geopolitics.

And Sir Patrick Stewart wouldn't ask you to call him a hero, but he did his part, too.

At this point, the rest of Twitter was like, "fuck it," and Serious Cameron went full meme.

Honestly, it's probably fine with Cameron that people are mocking his serious face instead of discussing how the guy who helped him implement the U.K.'s Internet porn filters is being charged for child porn.

Update: Cameron seems to have let Sir Patrick Stewart get under his skin. He replied to Stewart with this photo before he even posted it as a general tweet:

[Photo Credit: David Cameron/Twitter]