You know when you're driving along an elevated highway and you think, man, what would happen if I drove through the guardrail, action-movie style? No? You don't know that? Well. If you were wondering: This is what would happen to your car.

No guarantees about what would happen to you—though, unbelievably, the three people in this 2007 Toyota Matrix walked away with minor injuries after their car took a 50-foot dive off the Cross-Bronx Expressway this afternoon.

All three were treated at the hospital for minor injuries but are fine, considering what happened:

The 2007 Toyota Matrix jumped the railing around 3:15 p.m. in the Schuylerville section, officials said. Snow and ice around the divider of the expressway coupled with the speed of the car may have contributed to the accident.

[image by Eli Nova]