Last weekend, 20-year-old James Taylor became a minor internet celebrity after his local news interview about hosting "West Michigan's biggest rave" went viral. But the true star of the Fox 17 segment was the passed out kid the cameraman panned to as Taylor described the party. That kid, later identified as 27-year-old Ray Hulin, spoke to Vocativ about his new-found fame earlier this week. "They made it look like I don't know how to handle my shit," Hulin said. "I've been way more fucked up before and was able to keep my composure."

Hulin, an aspiring rapper and member of hip-hop group PartieBoiz, elaborated on his partying philosophy to Vocativ. "I might be the smallest motherfucker in the crowd, but I'm always the loudest motherfucker with the biggest bottle," he said (Vocativ says he's 5'5). "Your party can have six kegs and 17 beer pong tables. I'll still come and shut the bitch down like I own the place."

So how exactly did such an experienced partier end up passed out on Taylor's floor? Steady drinking over about about twenty hours, according to Hulin.

"I was already turnt up before we got there," he said, adding that he and his friends Todd and Sam drank a bottle of liquor and several beers during the 25-minute drive to Taylor's home. "I knew I was gonna show these niggas what's up."

For Hulin, things just escalated from there. Via Vocativ:

At some point in the evening, Hulin says his swagger briefly got the best of him, and he passed out next to a parked car. When he came to, he had lost both his cellphones and couldn't find his friends. He was informed that Todd and Sam had split. "I said, 'Man, shut the fuck up,'" Hulin says. "But sure enough, they fuckin' left me there."

Hulin says he then did what any seasoned reveler in his situation would have done—he continued drinking. "I kept turnin' it up," he says. "Everybody was just showing me mad love."

Hulin kept turnin' it up until after sunrise Sunday morning, when, handle of Captain Morgan's in hand, he passed out on Taylor's floor. He woke to find himself being filmed by the Fox 17 crew.

"I said, 'Bitch, I'm a PartieBoi. I got a bottle of Captain Morgan in my hand. Does it look like I'm passed out?'" he said. "But I wasn't stressin' it. The sun was beatin' down out of the trees. It was pretty nice."

All in all, Hulin told Vocativ he was happy with his performance at Taylor's rave.

"I know how to handle a party, dude," he says. "And I feel like I handled this one party well."

[Image via Vocativ]