Appropriately named 22-year-old Milo Manu Felix Wild, who lives, appropriately enough, in the Australian city of Darwin, asked a local judge to end a two-year court-ordered ban on alcohol consumption by throwing him in jail instead.

Wild was sentenced to three months in jail suspended for two years under the condition that he not drink alcohol during that time.

His punishment stemmed from an incident last Anzac Day (Australia and New Zealand's version of Memorial Day), during which Wild "pushed over four port-a-loos, exposed himself and threw his own urine at rangers at Litchfield National Park," according to NT News.

Wild was spotted violating his probation at a local bar over the weekend, and subsequently asked to serve his jail time so he could go back to his normal life of partying with his friends.

Through his lawyer, wild told Magistrate John O'Neill that life "was not worth living without alcohol."

O'Neill said he found Wild's claim "extraordinary," adding: "There is nothing to do in Darwin for a strong, healthy young man except to drink?"

[H/T: Arbroath, photo via Facebook via 9News]