Craig Cobb, the goofy "14% sub-Saharan African" white supremacist who dreamed of running an all-white North Dakota town for like-minded bigots, agreed to a plea deal Tuesday for menacing and terrorizing that town's inhabitants, and said he'd move out of state.

Cobb achieved notoriety late last year for 1) his arrest on charges he'd terrorized the 16 lawful residents of Leith, N.D., with a gun while trying to set up an all-white enclave in the town, and 2) submitting to a DNA test and learning the results on a British talk show: he was partially of African descent.

When the obviously shaken Cobb was asked how he'd square his pure-racialist theories with the test results, he replied, "Well if I did have any nigger we don't want anymore of it."

After pleading guilty to six charges and accepting four years' probation, Cobb told the court he wanted out of North Dakota to take care of his mother in Missouri.

In related news, Missourians are fucked.