A parrot with a "cultivated British accent" that went missing for four years returned home to California last week, apparently speaking Spanish and asking for a guy named Larry.

The parrot disappeared from his Southern California home without a trace in 2010— finally turning up in a dog groomer's backyard earlier this month. A veterinarian tried to trace the bird's microchip, but found it was unregistered.

Eventually by tracking down the bird's sales papers, they were able to identify the owner, who happened to live nearby.

The parrot reportedly came back from its semester abroad with a little bit of an attitude problem, refusing to speak English and at one point literally biting the hand that feeds him.

The vet told the Daily Breeze that's normal and the parrot will eventually start sucking up again in order to get food.

No one knows who Larry is.

[h/t Daily News, image via Shutterstock]