Authorities say one of the masterminds behind the Paris attacks was more than just an evil mass murderer: he was also very messy.

According to reports, Salah Abdeslam—currently the subject of a major manhunt in Belgium—booked rooms 311 and 312 at the Appart’City Paris Alfortville via the website and paid for them with a credit card registered in his name.

Abdeslam was reportedly stopped near the border and questioned by police on Saturday but released for some unknown reason.

And according to the French magazine Le Point, he left a real mess behind for police to stop housekeepers from cleaning up. A summary, via the Daily News:

When police raided rooms 311 and 312, they found leftover pizza ordered by phone from a restaurant around the corner, still in its cardboard boxes. The room also had several syringes scattered around a coffee table. It’s unclear how the needles were used.

It’s like my mom always says—always wear nice underwear because you never know when you’ll get hit by a car or have to flee the country because you just killed hundreds of people, and is “unkempt” really how you want people to remember you?

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