Back in 2011, then-six-year-old Lily Clem took the Internet by storm with her highly emotional reaction to a surprise trip to Disneyland.

Two years and just under 13 million views later, Lily's parents thought they'd pull the same stunt on their now-eight-year-old daughter to see if they could recreate the magic.

While ostensibly driving to school two weeks ago, Lily's mom Katie suddenly dropped the Disney bomb on her daughter.

"I think we should ditch school and go to Disneyland," Katie casually remarks. "What do you think?"

Lily broke down in precious tears of joy as predicted, but it wasn't until Katie uploaded the video to YouTube that she received a surprise of her own: It was her other daughter, two-year-old Chloe's nonplussed reaction to the Disneyland news that propelled the video to viral stardom.

"That is so funny to me, because that’s what Chloe does, a little stink face," Katie told Good Morning America. "She’s staring at Lily like, 'What is your problem?' It wasn’t a big deal to me at the time, but to see the reaction of people liking Chloe’s response is pretty funny."

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