Children love candy and so do I but that's not important. What children don't love is candy that is shaped like penises. That's fucked up. And parents in New Zealand are not happy about the fact that penis-shaped candy was being sold to their young ones.

Apparently, shops in the lower South Island of New Zealand were stocked with 7200 bags of Dragon Sweets from China, and found out only after customers began to complain that the bags were full of gummy bears with dicks and penis-shaped gummies.

Willem Van de Geest of the Stoke confectionary company who accidentally imported the bags of dicks, expressed his apologies for making such a huge mistake. Via the New Zealand Herald:

He was unaware ''inappropriate'' lollies were inside the bags.

''You have to look at it two or three times to think that doesn't look right.''

The offensive lolly was a gummy bear, and not a gummy baby, he said.

The lollies were a ''one-off'' and he had recalled and dumped thousands of bags.

''It won't happen again.''

A likely story. In the meantime, children of ages eight, six, and five got their hands on the candies, and even went so far as to deliver a bag to their father, a disgruntled parent said. From the New Zealand Herald:

Mr Aburn's partner, Jacqui Hawkins, said she randomly took a sweet from the bag and found it was shaped in the form of male genitals.

Another lolly in the bag was a gummy baby with a penis, she said.

''I don't find anything amusing about it at all. I find it disgusting,'' she said.

Lesson: check your bags of candy for bears with dicks before you give them to anyone as a gift.

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