Yesterday, a proud father named Dan Lieberman tweeted a shot of his newborn twins and birth certificate worksheets suggesting that he named them after Wu-Tang Clan members Ghostface and Raekwon.

That's his story and he seems to be sticking to it...

...but keep in mind that what's in the pic (which was then Instagrammed by Raekwon with the caption "This is live, family named their twins Raekwon & ghostface!!! #wu4thebabies") is a worksheet, not an actual birth certificate. So whatever, indulge in the fantasy that these two infants were only built 4 cuban linx, but don't believe it until you see the receipts. (I wanna see the receipts.)

[H/T Complex]

Update: It's a hoax. Here's the receipts, from Dan Lieberman's Facebook: