What holiday season is complete without a can of whipped cream in the fridge? Sure, homemade is better, but there's nothing quite like the joy of sneaking a midnight mouthful of aerosol's finest.

And there's nothing like passing that joy on to your children. Or at least that's what Ashley's parents thought when they gave her a taste of the good stuff. Her mom squirts a bit in her mouth while her dad Scott records the scene, holding his phone the wrong way because that's what dads do.

Scott then encourages Ashley's mom to "Jam her mouth full of it," advice that both parents and the leather chair lived to regret.

If you're squeamish, definitely don't watch. But if you want to see a toddler puke whipped cream Team America: World Police-style and then hilariously realize her feet are covered in vomit, this is the video for you.

Scott keeps recording the whole thing instead of immediately helping with the throw up situation because that's also what dads do.

[h/t via reddit]