Police say a southern California couple were so invested in a Parent-Teacher Association rivalry that they tried to frame a parent volunteer by planting drugs in her car.

Jill and Kent Easter were both arrested after allegedly conspiring to hide marijuana, Percocet and Vicodin inside PTA volunteer Kelli Peters' car. After receiving an anonymous tip, police detained Peters for more than two hours and searched her home before letting her go.

When the search failed to turn up additional contraband, police figured she had been framed.

Prosecutors say the Easters were retaliating against Peters, who allegedly called their son slow and left him unsupervised at their Orange County elementary school.

Last year Jill Easter pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and served a 120 day jail sentence. Prosecutors are having a harder time convicting her husband—an attorney, who they say physically planted the drugs and called in the anonymous tip to police.

According to the New York Daily News:

Kent Easter then called the Irvine Police Department and, using a false name and an Indian accent, told the dispatcher that Peters was driving erratically and had hidden a bag of drugs in the vehicle. Kent's attorneys have never denied that the man made the call.

He's reportedly blaming his wife for the incident.

[image via ABC]