After selling cocaine to undercover cops at least 19 times over the last two years, a Papa John's delivery guy from Brooklyn was finally arrested this week for trying to unload $27,500 worth of the drug along with a large pizza and a box of Papa's Chicken Poppers.

Prosecutors say 45-year-old Ramon Rodriguez had been using his gig at the Fifth Avenue Papa John's in Sunset Park as a cover for his cocaine dealings, often hiding the stuff in pizza boxes and engaging in handoffs while in uniform.

Undercover officers had apparently been buying drugs from Rodriguez since the fall of 2011, but only arrested him this past Wednesday.

He was booked on charges of of criminal sale of a controlled substance (multiple counts) and criminal possession of a controlled substance (one count).

Another man, Jonathan Martinez, was also arrested for allegedly selling $1,200 of cocaine to an undercover cop in a meeting arranged by Rodriguez.

[photos via handout]