Some humans spend a lifetime waiting to be discovered. Dinosaurs spend millions of years waiting to be discovered, like “Eva,” the dino recently pieced together by a team of Colorado-based paleontologists, CNN reports.

Only a week in the press and Eva’s being called a “fat pony” by the man who discovered her, Mike Triebold.

“(It looked like) a fat pony with a big head and horns,” Triebold, who runs the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland, Colorado, told the network.

Ava is believed to be an example of a new species similar to the triceratops but existed roughly 9 million years earlier. She is also believed to be the first of her kind, wandering around Montana while it still sat across a sea.

It’s rare to find a brand new species of dinosaur these days, so the discovery of Eva is a big deal. And already come the weight comments and the horse comparisons. As Jon Stewart once said: “Welcome to being a woman in America.”

[Image via CNN/KRDO]