Like his wife, Donald Trump has never written all of his own material, but with his recent “professional” hires, it’s been harder than ever to tell which tweets actually come from the Donald himself. So we decided to make it easier. Meet @RealRealDonaldTrump—your only source for pure, unfiltered Trump tweets just the way god intended.

Thanks to an unhealthy degree of intense observation and Tweetedeck’s ability to display the device a tweet comes from, we’ve deduced that Donald Trump most likely tweets from an Android phone only. He’s told us before that he uses both iPhone and Android phones to tweet, but that was before Apple decided to let to the terrorists win.

And according to The New York Times, Donald Trump’s Samsung Galaxy is his main phone. What’s more, Trump’s Android-sent tweets just sound like Trump. Which is why Gawker’s Editorial Labs Director Adam Pash put together a Twitter bot that gives you Trump’s Android tweets and only Trump’s Android tweets. Should you choose to follow our raw and dirty Donald Trump, you’ll get such gems as:


And even:

Because we may not know who’s writing Melania’s speeches, but at least we can know when Donald Trump gets tweetin’.