Barack Obama, an "avowed" "loather of headwear," has finally displayed his true colors, and they're pretty pretty princess pink. For shame, Mr. President! For sha—awwwwwwwww.

Seems our nation's fair leader—who once refused to don a custom-fit Navy football helmet, claiming it was "unpresidential" to place items atop his executive noggin—is powerless when it comes to negotiating with cute little girls.

What will he say when North Korea sends an army of children to block the next idiot bro comedy? How will he refuse Putin when the Ruski toddler envoy asks for just a wittle piece of Ukwaine, pwetty pwease?

There's no way around it: the vaunted executive power of our once-great nation is wrapped securely around these girls' sticky little fingers.

Pretty cute though.

[image via Pete Souza]