Government by the people, for the people would be great if we, the people, weren’t such morons. In deed, in an effort to insure that good grammar shall not perish from the earth, Official House Resolution No. 1220 comes to the good people of Missouri from Rep. Tracy McCreery, who has apparently built up some deep-seeded loathing for her colleagueses abuse of the English language. In an interview with the Missouri Riverfront Times, McCreery explained that her fellow pubic servants’ constant slips of the tongue had the affect of “nails on a chalkboard” and that “it happens pretty much daily.”

Now, with the help of the the House Resolution below, McCreery is knitting this problem in the butt.

Of course, for all intensive purposes, the Resolution doesn’t come with any consequences for the dolts who can’t stop saying “physical” when they mean “fiscal.” But McCreery’s made her massage loud and clear irregardless.

[h/t The Washington Post]