The racist chant that brought down the University of Oklahoma's chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon originated at a leadership cruise the national fraternity organization held four years ago, according to an investigation by the university.

CBS News reports that, at a press conference Friday, OU President David Boren said the chant was "widely known" at the conference and "informally shared amongst members on the leadership cruise."

Frat members who attended the conference later taught the chant to students pledging the fraternity, according to Boren.

Boren also said he had two questions for the national chapter of SAE following the investigation:

Has the national SAE organization undertaken any investigation to determine the extent to which the chant is being taught in or disseminated by individual chapters across the nation?

If such an investigation has been conducted, what steps have been taken by the national SAE organization to remedy the situation?

Two OU students were expelled and the Oklahoma chapter of SAE was disbanded after video of the chant surfaced last month. Two days ago one of those students, Levi Pettit, gave a half-assed apology during which he refused to say where he learned the song.

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