If you maintain a cordial to friendly relationship with any creepy nerds on the Internet, you know that many people are freaking out about an episode of Game of Thrones that aired on Sunday, in which many things happened. The most shocking thing that happened—the thing that people saw happen with their own two eyes and still cannot believe—is that Will Champion, the drummer from Coldplay, had a small cameo in the episode.

You can see him here, in this soundless clip (minor spoilers, like the fact that the Coldplay drummer appears in this episode), banging away at a drum with the commitment of a Ren Faire employee who refuses to break character, even to tell you where the bathrooms are. He played a drummer with no name who has no lines, the same character he plays in Coldplay. Fans are calling Sunday's episode the most shocking of the series, possibly due to Champion's unbelievable cameo.

Weirdly, as the NME points out, Will Champion is not the first British alternative rock band member to have appeared in Game of Thrones this season. Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol appeared as a soldier in one episode, and Morrissey makes frequent cameos as the three eyed raven who haunts dreams.

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