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Human pissbucket Justin Bieber and fucking Legolas got into a fight last night at Cipriani in Ibiza. According to eyewitnesses and video footage captured at the scene, Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Bieber after he suggested he banged Bloom's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.

Page Six reports:

"Justin was at one table, and Orlando was at another," a source told us. "But when Bieber and his party were later walking past Bloom's table, Orlando refused to shake Bieber's hand." Then, "Bieber said something rude to Orlando, like, 'She was good.'"

That's when Bloom took a swing at Bieber — which sadly wasn't captured on video — and Bieber said, "What's up, bitch?" The two were then separated by their "entourages." (Who is Orlando Bloom's "entourage"? That's my question.)

TMZ recaps the underlying issues that led to the fight, which are truly amazing:

The backstory is almost legendary ... Justin partied with Orlando's then-wife Miranda Kerr after a 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show in NYC and they got very VERY close. And in April of this year, Orlando was hanging out with Justin's on-and-off GF Selena Gomez. So the bad blood is flowing.

It's worth pointing out that the Bloom-Gomez hang out brought us one of the best paparazzi photos of all time, below.

TMZ reports that Bieber left Cipriani after the fight. But because he can't go ten seconds without reminding everyone he's a dick, he Instagrammed a pic of Kerr in a bikini and then deleted it.

[Image via TMZ]