With the domestic terrorism situation that’s currently under way in Oregon being almost entirely ignored by local and federal law enforcement, the people have taken to the social media airwaves to call a spade a spade.

While #OregonUnderAttack was trending for most of the day on Sunday, another tag soon followed as a way to combat the reluctance to call a bunch of white men waving around guns at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge terrorists: #YallQaeda. The tag is dumb, yes, but so are these people.

Meanwhile, the standoff, which was sparked by the arson conviction of two men over cattle grazing rights, continues. Earlier this weekend, the men were joined by the sons of noted anti-federalist and racist Cliven Bundy, and told media that they would be willing to kill or be killed if it comes to that.

The Oregonian reports that the police, however have been keeping a low profile:

During Saturday’s rally, not a police officer was visible. And so far law enforcement agencies have not approached the refuge or blocked access to the territory.

Maybe, in the year 2016, we’re all just allowed to wave rifles in the air and take over federal buildings whenever we want to! Maybe this has nothing to do with the gaping disparity between the way black and white people with guns (or without guns) are treated in the U.S. On second thought, maybe not.

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