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Ryan Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy and former armed militia cosplayer, is not having a very nice time in jail. According to a status report filed earlier this week, not only is he not allowed to hang out with his (also imprisoned) brother Ammon—the guards won’t even let him have his guns.

In the documents, Bundy claims that his inability to speak to his brother violates his freedom of assembly, while both allege that “despite being presumed innocent, [the Bundy brothers] are treated as harshly and the same as convicted felons with whom they are commingled and housed.”

The injustices don’t stop there, folks. From Ryan Bundy’s report (emphasis added):

My rights are being violated. My right to life is being violated. All of my First Amendment rights are being violated. My right to freedom of religion is being violated. I cannot participate in religious activities and temple covenants, and wear religious garments. I could wear them at Henderson, but MCDC is depriving me of the right to wear them. My right to freedom of speech is being hampered by monitoring and recording. My right to freedom of assembly is being violated; I am not allowed to see my brother and move about.

Yesterday, I attempted to discuss these issues with the U.S. Marshals, and they said that these were simply the jail rules. I asked them specifically about if there was any reason for the ‘keep separate’ orders. In Henderson, my brothers and father were housed together. Up here, they make efforts to keep us separate. This violates my right to freedom of assembly. My Second Amendment rights are being violated. I never waived that right.

As if keeping firearms out of the hands of prisoners wasn’t bad enough. Apparently, Ryan and Ammon Bundy are also being denied access to Facebook, which they assert they need “given that this is a media case.” But according to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, “MCSO has no wi-fi within the jail facility and no ability to provide a hard internet connection.”

And here I thought this was America.

You can read the Bundys’ report in full here.

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