It was announced Tuesday that famous Dunham Lena Dunham will soon be portraying a character that is essentially herself on television once again, this time playing a version of Lena Dunham that is hosting Saturday Night Live on March 8. In honor of her hosting debut, let's crawl inside our dark, warm imaginariums and predict every single sketch in which Lena will participate.

Whoever's ideas ultimately prove the most accurate gets to host SNL (maybe, I don't know—it's on you to work it out with the SNL people).

Here are a few guesses to get the ball rolling:

  • Lena Dunham as a boy in BOYS
  • True GIRLS Detective (One of the girls from GIRLS is killed in a particularly creepy way and no one cares or tries to figure out who did it)
  • Lena Bieber
  • Lena Dunham portrays a short-haired historical figure (Julius Caesar)
  • Lena Dunham sells cupcakes she makes in her bathroom
  • Lena Dunham canNOT figure out how to open a package (becomes frustrated)
  • True GIRLS Detective [Alternate] (Detective Lena Dunham attempts to learn the truth behind a local woman's brutal murder, just ends up learning a lot about her own tastes and personality)
  • GIRLS but in the future AKA ROBOT GIRLS
  • BATS
  • Lena Dunham plays a bean (Bean-a Dunham)
  • Lena Dunham plays a teen
  • Lena Dunham Drama Camp (camp for regular kids who are always starting drama)
  • Lena Dunham hosts a Photoshop tutorial at The Learning Annex
  • Lena Dunham sets a blog on fire
  • Lena Dunham child psychiatrist
  • Lena Dunham works in a store that sells liiiiiiiiittle things

OK, now you go. And remember: a crowded imaginarium is no excuse for an improper touch.

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