Martin O’Malley: probably not the next American president. Politico reports that one (1.00) human individual person attended his campaign “event” in Iowa yesterday, and that person isn’t even onboard.

This shot says it all:

And Politico has the bleak, bleak details:

And one man at his last event, the only person to show up, in fact, “was glad to see me,” the former Maryland governor said. But he still would not commit to caucus for O’Malley.

“The very last event of the night, we actually had a whopping total of one person show up, but by God, he was glad to see me. So we spent the time with him,” the Democratic presidential candidate told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday, speaking from Des Moines.

Sarah Beckman of ABC News, who took the above crime scene photo, has even more bleak, bleak details:

After the hour began to wane and the conversation started to slow, Kenneth got more personal and praised O’Malley for following through with the event despite the treacherous weather.

“I give you a lot of credit for coming out here,” said Kenneth. “I’m glad you took the time.”

“Yeah, you know, once we were out here we just kept going,” said O’Malley. “Up in Waterloo, we had a good turnout for our campaign office opening, like 20 people…we even had a family of O’Malley’s.”

Come home, Martin. Come home.

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