South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn says that his constituents should not vote for Bernie Sanders, because his proposal to provide free public university educations could have a terrible consequence.

From an interview with Buzzfeed News:

“You’ve got to think about the consequences of things,” Clyburn said. “[If] you start handing out two years of free college at public institutions are you ready for all the black, private HBCUs to close down? That’s what’s going to happen,” Clyburn said.

“Tougaloo College in Misssissippi will be closed if you can go to Jackson State for free,” he said.

If we provide quality public school educations for free, more expensive private schools might close down. That would be horrible.

By Clyburn’s rationale we should also close all of America’s public schools (which make it harder for black entrepreneurs to successfully make money running private schools) and we should bring back legal segregation, the end of which led to a widespread decline of black-owned business districts. Black people must suffer in order to protect black private institutions.

Good stuff.

[Disclosures. Photo: Jerry Woody/ Flickr]