On Saturday, One Direction member Liam Payne tweeted "huge love to your family" at Willie Robertson of the A&E hit show Duck Dynasty.

The television show has most recently come under fire for the controversial beliefs of its star Phil Robertson, who made some racist and homophobic remarks in a GQ interview. He compared homosexuality to bestiality and firmly believes "a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man's anus." In tweeting to the Robertson family in support of "the family values you still all behold," Payne effectively made it seem like he supports Robertson's beliefs, anus-related opinions in all. Cue the sound of a thousand liberal teen girl (and boy) hearts breaking.

Apparently, Payne doesn't know that when you literally say "huge respect" in regards to the values of a notably politically incorrect family, you kind of look politically incorrect yourself. That's just how it works, dude. After immediately facing backlash for his support for Duck Dynasty, the pop star went off on a bit of a minor Twitter melt down Saturday night. Payne lashed out online at the "lazy" journalists and bloggers who were reporting on the tweet. Evidently frustrated with the media reporting on his every move, Payne's tweets read like a larger projection of his fame-induced anxiety.

He also seemed very concerned about bloggers and journalists writing about what he's having for dinner, which raises the question: what exactly is Liam Payne eating for dinner, and why is he so protective regarding such information?

His fellow bandmates were completely silent on Twitter in regards to the whole incident. Payne was adamant in clarifying that his tweets were directed at the media only and not his beloved Directioners. Though some fans, like the Youtube-famous gay icon Tyler Oakley thought the Duck Dynasty-supporting tweet "literally changes everything."

The moral of the story? Liam Payne really hates bloggers.