A shooting at Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany, has left at least six people dead and many others injured, according to various reports.

Witnesses reported seeing several shooters, and as of this afternoon, Munich police have said that three suspects armed with rifles are still on the loose:

Police have asked Munich residents to stay indoors as they search for at least one gunman, who opened fire in, or near, a McDonald’s at the outskirts of the mall.

Via the BBC, the video below shows man shooting at a small, unsuspecting crowd. No one appears to be hit, and you can hear the man fire upwards of a dozen rounds.

Gun rampages are rare in Germany, as they are across Europe. In 2010, a woman killed four people after opening fire in a hospital in the city of Lörrach.

Update 10:51 PM: It appears nine people were killed and 21 injured in the shooting spree, committed by an 18-year-old German-Iranian: