After suffering a public Hamptons humiliation this summer, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is leaving nothing to chance: She won’t even show up at a venue without an advance team first ensuring she’ll get in.

Pelosi, the casual fan may recall, inexplicably got turned away from the restaurant at Beautique this summer. (The inexplicable part was not that she was refused service, but rather why she was there in the first place—to do drugs with a cousin of the Monaco royal family? To fight Dina Lohan? To rack up her first DUI of the season? She hasn’t issued an official explanation, so I can only assume it was one of these.)

Anyway, she was not about to let that happen again, no sirree.

So, according to Page Six, “on Monday, [Pelosi] sent an advance team to the 21 Club to check out the private room booked for a lunch for documentary The Armor of Light, even though event organizers had no idea she was coming.”

Not the worst tactic, but why not, say, RSVP in advance? Just some food for thought—because in the Hamptons, not even a congresswoman can get food without a reservation these days.

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