Ludacris hasn't been a great or even good rapper in a very long time. But today he met Jeb Bush and sent a nice little punchline at the entire Bush family, staff, record label, and crew.

Luda was as at the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta this morning because he was being formally recognized by the state House for the charitable work he's done through his Ludacris Foundation. Jeb Bush was there for some other other bullshit, and a photo-op was arranged between the two so that Jeb would have an opportunity to present himself as something more than a stiff and boring politician.

Here is a tweet from Jeb proving just that:

Haha. "Rappers are cool and not dangerous!" — Jeb Bush

Jeb, in full ham mode, also told the press that he "just came to see Ludacris," which is like the old white politician's version of that Marshawn Lynch quote.

In any event, Ludacris—who has a history of criticizing Jeb's older brother—took the photo, but he wasn't about to play Jeb's game.

Granted, he should have said, "Your mom's," but this will do.

[image via Jeb Bush]