The Oklahoman newspaper reporter accused of taking upskirt creepshots of schoolgirls at a high school graduation was convicted of burglarizing a woman's home to steal her thong underwear in 2003.

Zeke Campfield, 31, is a reporter and photographer for the state's largest daily paper and has written many heartbreaking stories of the lives lost after last week's massive twister destroyed much of Moore, Oklahoma. But when Campfield went to Moore's high school graduation ceremony on Saturday, he allegedly had his own assignment in mind: sticking a camera under the skirts of girls wearing their best dresses for commencement.

After several of the girls reported being bumped and brushed against by Campfield, he was confronted by parents who had already been through quite enough. When he tried to leave the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City where the three graduating classes from Moore were holding their ceremony, he was detained by the citizens until police arrived.

When officers questioned the reporter and asked to look at the photographs saved on his camera, the memory card was mysteriously missing.

Late today, the Oklahoma news blog The Lost Ogle reported that Campfield's felony burglary conviction in Montana was the result of a bizarre one-man panty raid.

The Missoula Independent published this account of Campfield's arrest for stealing thong underwear from the home of women he apparently didn't know. That Campfield was an editorial intern at the Montana newspaper when he was arrested adds disturbing context to his latest arrest, in Oklahoma City:

According to the court record: Coming home, two women spied Campfield in the doorway of their house. When they confronted him, he fled. The women called 911 and the police picked up Campfield two blocks away. Campfield told the police that he thought the house belonged to a friend, a last-nameless “Megan,” whom he’d met at a bar in 1999, and that he was just going in, late at night, to see if she still lived there.

After a police search of Campfield turned up the Pink Panther thong underwear, the Indy has to wonder how well Campfield and this “Megan” know each other. Is she one of those long-lost (and mythical) Niagara Falls flings?

Further creepiness is revealed by unnamed Oklahoman staffers who tell The Lost Ogle that Campfield was previously accused by both coworkers and citizens of pervy behavior and was confronted by his managers a year ago. Campfield remains a reporter and staffer at the paper and has not even been suspended.

Also tonight, the above photo reportedly showing Campfield being questioned by Oklahoma City police appeared on Twitter:

Perverts going to high school graduations to take upskirt and creepshot photos of underage girls is apparently a thing (NSFW link).

[Photo via Twitter user @CMPDon.]