Over 10,000 Facebook users have joined forces in an effort to help return items lost during this week's Oklahoma tornadoes to their rightful owners.

The "Tornado Doc & Picture Recovery" initiative was launched this Sunday by West Tulsa, Oklahoma, resident Leslie Hagelberg.

Hagelberg says it all started after she found a mysterious photo near her mailbox along with some other debris and soon deduced that it had been dumped in her yard by the tornado that struck Shawnee — a city some 90 miles away.

Hagelberg later learned that many of her Facebook friends had found similar items in their own yards, and so came up with the idea for a Facebook group devoted to tracking down the items' original owners.

After yesterday's killer tornado in Moore, Hagelberg's group quickly surpassed 10,000 members, and success stories have increased as well.

Hagelberg told The Huffington Post that, thanks to the group's members, some 60 items have already been claimed by tornado victims, including photos, artwork, and even an urn.

Facebook users are welcome to post whatever they find, Hagelberg said, so long as it doesn't include any sensitive personal information.

There is also a separate page for people who find lost pets.

[screengrabs via Facebook, The Daily Dot]