A tanning salon in Ohio reportedly refused to refund a patron's money after turning her away for being "too fat to tan."

The Aloha Tanning salon in Norton gladly accepted Kelly McGrevey's $70 in exchange for a month-long tanning package. But when MCGrevey came in to get a tan last Tuesday, she was told the standup bed was broken and traditional beds were off limits to customers weighing over 230 pounds.

"I said, "Okay, I'd like my money back then,'" McGrevey recalled. "He said, no, we don't give refunds. I said, 'You're not going to give me a refund, I paid for a service that I'm not getting,' and he said 'no, you can't have a refund.'"

According to Channel 3 News, Aloha Tanning has an F rating from the Better Business Burueu. Moreover, other tanning salons they spoke with said they did not impose a similar restriction on their customers.

An employee of Aloha who spoke with the news station stood by the policy.

"We do have a lot of bigger people that came in here and they know that they can't go into the laydown beds because they are so, you know, they are bigger," said the staffer, identified as Nicole.

The salon also stood by its refusal to refund McGrevey's money and suggested she cancel her credit card purchase instead.

McGrevey, meanwhile, says she wants to make sure other overweight people know about Aloha's "discriminatory" policy. "I just want them to know that you could be mistreated," she said.

[screengrab via WKYC]