Ohio University’s Acacia fraternity chapter has been suspended pending a university investigation, The Athens News reports. The school began looking into the chapter after a student posted a short video of Acacia bros singing a dirty version of “Hey Jude” to sorority girls last week. The new lyrics, per the whistleblower, were as follows:

Send nudes, don’t let me down. Take my soft dick, and make it harder.

The short clip, posted on October 28, shows the bros jamming to the breakdown portion of the song on Ohio’s ADPi sorority porch:

University spokesperson Katie Quaranta told the Athens News that “a preliminary investigation has produced information linking the behavior to Acacia, a registered fraternity at Ohio University.”

The university is taking the matter seriously, perhaps, because Acacia has been accused of sexual misconduct before. In August, OU’s student union passed out a pamphlet to freshmen warning that Acacia is “notorious for drugging their free drinks and raping girls.” Acacia’ national headquarters responded by saying there was “no evidence” that these crimes occurred.

The year before, student organization “FuckRapeCulture” circulated a petition to ban Acacia after anonymous Yik Yak posts accused the frat of sexually assaulting women at its off-campus location known as the “Blue House.” The university investigated these claims at the time, but Acacia was not found in violation of any university policy.

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