If there's one thing that the State of California wants in a drug and alcohol counselor, it's a spotless past free of crime. So the state was appalled to learn that felons may be counseling people about drugs. Do we want to live in a society that legalizes speaking from experience?

Here is the latest thing with which the failed state of California is concerning itself:

California's lax rules governing who can work as substance abuse counselors have allowed sex offenders and other felons to treat addicts with little to no scrutiny by the state, according to a report by the Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes released Monday.

How do you provide the best counseling to people with drug and alcohol problems? By ignoring the formula of 12-step programs that have worked for decades, in which people with fucked up lives are counseled by other people who have also had fucked up lives, often involving criminal records and terrible pasts that have been overcome, thereby serving as a living example of the possibilities of getting clean. Better to have addicts and alcoholics counseled by people who have the approval of the state.

Christ, there could be convicted drug addicts who've turned their lives around counseling people about drugs. Highly unorthodox.

[LAT. Photo: Tim Cigelske/ Flickr]