Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin ended their four-months-long romance earlier this week, but Page Six reports Jennifer Lawrence was seen arriving at Martin's house just last night. Ooooooh.

Lawrence was spotted arriving at Martin's Los Angeles home and seen leaving two hours later. The same night, Page Six reports Chris Martin was seen at Kate Hudson's Halloween party, "where he went dressed as himself."

Of course he did.

What does this mean for Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin's romance? Does Jennifer Lawrence have her travel blowdryer back now? Did Jennifer return the special tasteless salt I'm sure Chris Martin brings to restaurants, just in case they don't have the tasteless kind, which is the kind he prefers, thank you? Are they in love? Did they get married in those two hours and, oh my god, now they're on their honeymoon?

Could be any of those!

Almost certainly something along the lines of the first thing, but could be any!

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