From prostitution scandals we came and to prostitution scandals we shall return as disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer tries to spin whatever happened this weekend in his $1,000-night Plaza Hotel room.

Here’s what we know so far. NYPD officers responded to the room Saturday after a woman identified as Svetlana Travis called 911 to say she was having a breakdown and had slashed her wrist. Spitzer initially answered the door and said everything was fine, but officers went back to double check and noticed blood and broken glass on the floor, prompting a search of the room. Travis was hospitalized with a reportedly self-inflicted wrist wound, where she told police Spitzer had choked her.

A subsequent New York Post story alleged Travis and Spitzer had been arguing over the demise of their relationship.

Either way, the official record ends there. According to the New York Post, Travis almost immediately stopped cooperating with the NYPD and declined to press charges against Spitzer, who was spotted by a Post source visiting her Sunday at Mt. Sinai hospital. She was discharged and left the country at 7:30 p.m. Sunday on a flight to Russia, where she is reportedly from.

In the meantime, the Post has wasted no time declaring Travis to be a homeless “$5k-a-night hooker who lives a life of luxury,” alleging Spitzer had been paying her for her companionship for the last two years.

Spitzer and Travis’ relationship began at least two years ago, while she was working as a high-priced call girl — and he was her “sugar daddy,” sources said.

“They met before this, and she was a prostitute at the time,” a police source said.

In 2014, Travis posted a karaoke rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” on YouTube with the title “a song for mr. E.S.” — an obvious reference to the infamous, hooker-loving “Client 9.”

“If you wanna be with me, baby, there’s a price to pay. I’m a genie in a bottle. Gotta rub me the right way,” she sings in the clip.

The timing of the alleged relationship would indicate Spitzer was cheating on his then-official girlfriend, Democratic strategist Lis Smith, who resigned from her position as spokesperson for New York mayor Bill de Blasio after the tabloids caught Spitzer sneaking in and out of her apartment building in 2013. The Post reports Smith and Spitzer officially split in December.

Spitzer has so far denied dating—and choking—Travis and bizarrely claims Smith is still the “love of his life.”

“The woman who initially made the allegation was not my girlfriend. Lis Smith was my girlfriend, and I had and have deep affection for Lis. She is the love of my life,” Spitzer said in a statement Monday.

Spitzer’s lawyers claim Travis, who is now in Russia, sent an email apologizing for fabricating the allegations. Travis has not directly commented on the case.

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