Lil Wayne was once at the top of his field—so much so that when he declared himself
"Best Rapper Alive," people took him seriously. Now he is slumming it in a guest verse on Paris Hilton's bid at a comeback single, "Good Time." (Spoiler alert: She's lying. It's a bad time.)

In the video, Paris plays a cool mom (of pets) who broke into the set of Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat" video and then stayed for days. Wayne sits on the sideline, delivering the worst verse of his career:

I'm fucked up
I can't tell you what's what
All she know is suck fuck
I walked up to a big butt
And asked her ass, "But what?"
Tunechi never slacks without a button-up...

It probably goes on from there (this is just a snippet—the single is out next week). How much worse will it get? How much worse can Wayne's year get? How low can he go?