Investigators will not release video of the shooting of 24-year-old Jamar Clark, who died Monday night after being shot by police early Sunday morning, reports the Associated Press.

Police reportedly have “several partial videos” of the incident “including an ambulance, a mobile police camera stationed in the area, public housing cameras and citizens’ cellphones,” but will not release any of them while the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigation is still underway, according to BCA Superintendent Drew Evans.

Mayor Besty Hodges has requested a federal civil rights investigation into the shooting, in addition to the BCA investigation.

Eyewitnesses say Clark was shot while handcuffed. A “preliminary investigation” by police reported that Clark was not handcuffed, but authorities have since said handcuffs were “at the scene and they were trying to determine whether Clark was restrained,” according to the AP report.

“We’re still examining whether or not they were on Mr. Clark or whether or not they were just (fallen) at the scene. That’s what we’re trying to ascertain,” [Evans] said.

Officials are reportedly worried that the publication of the videos will somehow “taint” their ongoing investigation by influencing witness accounts. Presumably, then, the videos will be released immediately after investigators have spoken to all witnesses.

Activists are protesting at the 4th Precinct station near the scene of the shooting, and, in addition to the release of the videos, are demanding that police name the officers involved in the shooting.

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Image via AP