On Tuesday, authorities released dashcam footage showing the traffic stop that preceded the arrest of Sandra Bland, who died mysteriously in Texas jail cell earlier this month.

Bland’s official cause of death was ruled to be suicide by hanging—a conclusion her sister called “unfathomable.” Officials are now reportedly investigating Bland’s death as a homicide.

Stopped for failure to signal, Bland can be heard in the video repeatedly asking why she is under arrest while Officer Brian Encinia demands she exit the vehicle. From The Washington Post:

Bland was stopped for failing to signal while changing lanes, but the routine traffic stop turned confrontational after the officer, Brian Encinia, ordered Bland to put out her cigarette.

“Would you mind putting out your cigarette, please?” Encinia said.

“I’m in my car, why do I have to put out my cigarette?” Bland answered.

“Well, you can step on out now,” Encinia said.

Bland refused, saying she did not have to step out of the car.

Encinia opened the driver’s door and attempted to physically remove Bland from the vehicle.

“I’m going to yank you out of here,” Encinia said as the two struggled in the car. “I’m going to drag you out of here.”

“Don’t touch me, I’m not under arrest,” Bland said.

“I will light you up!” Encinia said, while pointing the Taser at Bland.

According to an affidavit filed by Encinia, Bland was ultimately arrested for assault on a public servant after kicking him in the leg.

After watching the footage, State Senator Royce West condemned the stop as “unlawful,” The Houston Chronicle reports.

State Representative Helen Giddings agreed, saying Bland “did not deserve to be placed into custody.”

Last week, the Texas Department of Public Safety assigned Encinia to desk duty after a review of the footage revealed unspecified “violations,” The Texas Tribune reports.

UPDATE 07/22: On Wednesday, the Texas Department of Public Safety deleted their original, seemingly flawed video of the traffic stop and uploaded a version without apparent errors. The newer upload is seen above.