Ray Albers, the St. Ann police officer who pointed an assault rifle at Ferguson livestreamers and told them he would "fucking kill" them, resigned this week, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

An internal investigation into Albers—whose nickname stems from a memorable exchange in the video ("What's your name?" "Go fuck yourself.")—determined that the 20-year veteran of the force either be fired or resign.

Police chief Aaron Jiminez said he is "not condoning his behavior whatsoever," but called Albers' raising his enormous gun "totally justifiable." From the Post-Dispatch:

Prior to the camera turning on, Albers had had water and urine thrown at him, Jiminez said. He then saw three men with bandanas in the crowd, and one of them had a gun. He then heard gunshots, but not from that gun. So Albers raised his gun. The three men started running, and then a crowd of people with cameras raised saw him with the raised gun and came toward him. They were "a whole bunch of what you'd call citizen journalists, who were sitting with cameras recording, waiting for something stupid to happen, which they got. They won on this one."

Jimenez told the Post-Dispatch Albers had three prior disciplinary incidents, including one last year in which he "used a wrong choice of words with a resident."

What words, I wonder?

[h/t Daily Intel]