If you are a "normal" person with "common sense" values who doesn't always "get" the way that Wall Street works, here is a very simple lesson.

You may recall that earlier this year, CNBC anchors scoffed at former Gawkerer Alex Pareene's suggestion that maybe, just maybe, it might be appropriate for JPMorgan boss and perma-media-blowjob recipient Jamie Dimon to suffer some sort of professional consequences for the fact that—under his watch—his bank has paid TWENTY FUCKING BILLION DOLLARS just this year in legal settlements related to VERY BAD THINGS done by employees of Mr. Jamie Dimon. The notion that a Wall Street CEO might be held personally responsible for things that occurred at his bank? Ridiculous. Simply ridiculous. A ridiculous and frankly offensive notion.

Well, Dealbook reports that the board of JPMorgan has decided to give Jamie Dimon a raise this year. This just goes to show that CNBC types play a valuable role in explaining Wall Street to you and me, in the same sense that FBI profilers are often able to glean valuable insights into the criminal mind by talking to convicted serial killers.

JPMorgan's stock rose more than 20% last year.

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