Judge Ronald Zweibel of the New York Supreme Court has just sentenced Occupy Wall Street protester Cecily McMillan to 90 days at Rikers Island, including time served, with 5 years probation, according to reports from Twitter and a Livestream outside the courtroom.

McMillan was convicted earlier this month of assaulting a police officer following a demonstration on March 17, 2012. She had elbowed her arresting officer when, she says, he grabbed her breast in what some people characterize as outright police brutality.

McMillan was facing up to seven years in prison for the incident. That maximum sentence was considered unduly harsh by many of observers, among them some of the jurors at her trial, who wrote to the judge to plead for leniency. Apparently, their pleas worked, sort of. McMillan herself told interviewers she was expecting 2 years.

[Image via Stacy Lanyon.]