An Occupy Wall Street activist faces up to seven years in prison after she was convicted of assaulting an NYPD officer during a protest at Zuccotti Park in March 2012.

The jury rejected Cecily McMillan's claim that she reflexively elbowed the officer after he grabbed her breast as he led her from the park the night of March 17, 2012. A grainy video shows McMillan striking Officer Grantley Bovell, though it doesn't show what happened immediately before.

Officer Bovell testified the incident occurred after he asked McMillan to leave the park.

"As I'm walking her out," he said, "I remember her saying to someone: 'Are you filming this? Are you filming this?' Then I remember the defendant crouching down and lunging with her elbow and hitting me in the face."

Martin Stolar, McMillan's lawyer, rejected Bovell's account and introduced a photograph of McMillan's bruised breast.

"This is the smoking gun in the case," he said Friday during closing arguments. "She got grabbed and she hit. That's an accident."

A group of Occupy Wall Street supporters broke into chants of "Shame, Shame!" after the jury reached their verdict; several of protesters refused to leave the courtroom, and two were were carried out by police officers, according to the Guardian.

McMillan will be held without bail until her sentencing on May 19.

[Image via AP]