Foster Kamer at Complex reports that pro-gay New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner unknowingly danced to Jamaican dancehall song (Capleton’s “Bumbo Red”) about murdering gays and lesbians at the West Indian America Day Parade:

A sampling lyrics of “Bumbo Red”:

Lick a shot inna a battyman head!

Lick a shot inna a lesbian head!

All sodomite dem fi dead,

All lesbian dem fi dead.

It’s not exactly clear why this song was being played, or why Anthony Weiner, who is never going to be mayor of New York, was dancing to it. Kamer theorizes: “In a campaign like Anthony Weiner’s—where anything that can go wrong seemingly has—it’s neither surprising nor unexpected.” (In any case, given the utter inscrutability of Capleton’s vocals, out lesbian candidate Christine Quinn would probably be dancing to the stuff, too.)

September 10 cannot come soon enough.